Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cake !

 Well ......... I thought I would share my wedding cake with you !
I am scheduling this post but I know some of you wanted to see it!!

The photos are .......
On the top Chris and I.
The middle row are all of our children between us.
And the bottom are five siblings
They are all family, my Grandma and Great Aunts and Uncles
that are no longer here ....... BUT
They are Chris's mum and Aunts and Uncles........
I can see the confused looks !!
Chris is my Dads cousin !
So its a real family cake for a family wedding !!!

Its a full 360 degree cake !!

Right I'm sure by now the party will be in full swing !!!
I am so excited as I write this !
Only a few hours to go !

The cake was made by Nikki at Cakes D'Licious in Clifton York
WOW Nikki !! THANK YOU so much you did and amazing job!

Happy crafting!!


  1. What a personalized and special cake. A real delight!
    Hope all is running smoothly Mrs!

  2. Amazing cake, hope it tasted as good as it looked! I do hope your day went perfectly Liz, no doubt you will tell us all about it. Pat x

  3. Hi Lizzie
    Fabulous card... What a great idea.....
    Hope your day was fantastic.....
    Hugs Sylvie xxx

  4. Gorgeous cake, Liz! So happy for you! Blessings! Kathy


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