Sunday, June 22, 2014

Delivery time !!

Well as my hand has swollen up again I'm keeping
off the crafting for a few days .........
But I thought I'd share this pic with you !
It was taken a while ago now but there is a funny story ....

Fedex bring me my Heartfelt Creations packages !
I LOVE it when they park up outside my door !!
Well ............
Last time they came I took a pic !
Went to collect the box and Caitlyn came in from school ......
She ran off with my box and opened it !!
Hence the cheeky photo of her !!
She loves the Heartfelt Creations packages!
Apparently she has ideas for what's inside this box !!!
As you can see I eventually got it back off her !!
Cheeky monkey !!!

Well I'm off to rest my hand .........
Happy crafting everyone !!

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