Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elegant Gift Box

Yes this really is a gift box !!
It is so easy to make too, but looks so intricate.
It is made using Heartfelt Creations papers and dies.
Check out their website its full of amazing inspiration.
My daughter has tried to take this into her room several times
for decoration ! Bless her, she is NOT having it !!! lol !
I actually was inspired by my Grandma again for this,
I always made her cards and boxes, for no there reason
than I knew she loved them ! It didn't need to be her birthday,
Christmas or any other occasion, I did it because it gave her pleasure.

What I used to make it:
Heartfelt Creations Vintage Floret Paper pad
Heartfelt Creations Vintage Floret die set
Heartfelt Creations Delicate Asters die set
Heartfelt Creations Decorative Lattice Swirl Die
Other products I used were, double sided tape, Hot glue and gun,
pearl gems, score board and tool, scissors.

How to make it !
There are obviously two pieces to make, the top and the bottom !
Lets start with the base.
* Take a 12x12 piece of paper from the pad and fold to make a star box.
Don't panic ..... follow these steps to fold into the box !
1. Fold in half horizontally, vertically and in both diagonals.
2. Bring the top and bottom corners together 
(having the design of paper you want for the outer of the box on the outer of the folding)
and tuck in the other two sides.
3. Have the opening at the top and fold one side into the central fold.
open the flap and press it open. Tuck the side of the
 flap under itself and repeat on all of the sides.
4. There will now be 4 narrow pointed flaps. Fold them down as far as you can.
5. Pull them open, pushing the box open, shaping with your hands.

* Die cut four of the lattice swirls and adhere under each flap.
* Cut and adhere four triangles of contrasting paper and cover each flap.
( I traced around mine onto the paper for an exact fit)
* Adhere each flap over the die cuts and add pearl gems along the edges.

Now for the lid !!
* Cut a 10 cm square of matching paper and score 1 cm from each edge.
make into a box base. This will make the piece that sits inside the gift box.
* Cut four of the lattice swirls and arrange on the top of the base of the box.
Trim the die cuts where necessary.
* Cut a 8 cm square co-ordinating piece of paper and adhere over the die cuts.
*Cut a 14 cm square piece of paper to match the paper over the flaps.
* Score at 1 cm and 4 cm from the edges, making into a box with the 1 cm scored
piece fringed so the box will adhere on top of the paper and die cuts.
* To make the handle, cut two strips of paper 21 cm x 3 cm and 6 lattice swirl cuts.
* Adhere the die cuts trimming them to one strip of paper
and then cover with the second strip and adhere to the box sides.
* Add pearl gems along the edges of the paper along the handle.
* Cut, ink, glitter and adhere the flowers and leaves, adding a crystal gem in the flowers.
* Adhere the flowers and leaves on the box, you can see from the
 two photos above the different angles around the box where I have placed mine.

Your gift box is now complete ! 
Right I'm off to hide it from my daughter !! Have fun crafting ! 


  1. Fabulous Lizzie. I love making these boxes but my lid is not as ornate as yours. Must have a go at this lid! No wonder your daughter wants it. Christine x

    1. They are amazing boxes ! I loved yours too. They just look so nice. Hugs xx

  2. Oh wow Lizzie that is absolutely stunning!!

  3. WOW! This is stunning, so beautiful.

  4. a Work of art....going to have a go using your instructions when I get home....just amazing ....hugs xxxxxx

  5. WOW! This is just breathtakingly stunning, Lizzie! I'm going to sit back and gawk!
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts


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