Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fold over Box Tutorial

I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make my box!
I don't know what type of box its really called
(if anyone does then let me know!!)
so I just called it the fold over box as the lid just fold over the box !!!
Its really really easy to make but so effective!

Please bear with me this is very picture heavy !!

First of all cut a piece of card 15" x 6"
and score 6" from each end which leaves a 3" piece in the middle.

Fold along the score lines.
This will make the outer part that the box sits in.

Now cut a piece of card 10" x 10" 
and score 3" along each side.
This will make the box itself.

Cut into the corners to create tabs

Fold along the score lines and adhere to make a box. 

So now you have the main part of your box all we need to do 
now is cover it with papers.

Cut 4 pieces of 6" x 6" paper.
One for the top, the inner top, the base and the underneath of the box

Now cut 2 pieces 6" x 3" for the inner and outer of the middle
of the flip over part of the project.

Cut a 4" x 4" piece for the bottom of the inner of the box.
Also cut 4 pieces 4" x 3" for the inner sides of the box.

Now cut 4 pieces 4" x 3" for the outer sides of the box.
Note how I used the pattern on the papers to
follow through on the sides of the box.
You could also use a plain colour and emboss the sides
adding texture to your project.

Now to the messy part !!
I love getting my fingers inky and gluey !

Adhere the papers to the inner of the box.
I used a All purpose Glue as it is repositionable
when first applied allowing the paper to be in the right place ! 

Now adhere the papers to the outer of your box.

Other than decorating the box when the project is all together
this part is now done.

Take the outer of the project.
We are going to adhere the papers to the card for the inside
of the project. So the box will sit on the bottom square eventually.

Now turn it over for the outer of the project.
The top of the finished bx is the top square.
Before adhering the papers, adhere two
pieces of ribbon in the centre of the edge.
These will be used to hold the box together.
Use a good length of ribbon so that you have enough
for the bow to be tied and retied when given as a gift.

Adhere the pieces of paper t the card.
See how it covers up the ribbon !

Now turn the project over to the inner side and adhere
the box to the bottom square.
I usually put plenty of glue on and 
place something heavy inside to hold it down !

Flip over the top of the box and the body of the box is complete.
All you have to do now is decorate it to your liking !

Here are other boxes I have made using this type of box  !!
If you click on the picture it will take you to the post for that box.

Happy crafting !!
Any questions just ask I am happy to help !


  1. this is an amazing box, I am going to have a go at it. Abit out of my comfort zone, but you make it look quite easy, so here goes

    1. Awesome! Would love to see your box when it's done! Drop back and leave a link to your project! Hugs x

  2. Absolutely stunning & a fab tutorial xxxx

  3. Hi,
    I really like this box and would love to make one. My question is
    were do you get card stock that's 15" the biggest size I have seen
    is 12x12.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi there! I used A3 card and measured it out on that. To complicate things you could cut two 9" x 6" pieces, score at 6" and then glue together the 3" section. You wouldn't be able to tell you had done that as your covering it with papers. I got my A3 card from The Range. Would love to see your box! Leave a link when it's done so I can stop by !

  4. wonderful lizzie .. you card box looks stunning on tv :) x hugs jane x

  5. Hi there, popped over from the Heatfelt Bog.
    I really love your beautiful box. Brilliant tutorial, will definitely have a go, I like making boxes and this is a bit different and very effective.

    Patricia x

  6. I would love to make this but how do you get a 15' size piece of paper? Thanks so very much. this is so pretty

    1. Hi there, I cut it from an A3 size piece of card. But if you wanted you could cut two pieces 6" x 9" and score at 3". Then adhere the two 3" sections so they overlap and you will have the same thing to make your box. Hope that helps.

  7. A few of my friends and I get together every Wednesday morning and we make something, would you have any objections if I used the tutorial with them and we made a box card? I think this is gorgeous. Many thanks June Smith xx

    1. June that is awesome! Of course make one! You know I'd love to see what you make too!

    2. Thank you. Will do it in a couple of weeks time and will post to you. Thank you once again. June xxx

  8. Hi. I love this :) so elegant! I make origami boxes filled with chocolate for friends and family and a few local craft fairs. I would love to add a few of these to my repertoire if your angel policy will allow please? Thank you for sharing. Joanie xx

    1. So glad you like them! Of course add them to your repertoire! Have fun making them!

  9. So original. I've never seen anything like this. Very creative. Your directions are wonderful. Def will make this sometime. Tfs. Hugs...

  10. Hi, I saw this on a website a couple of weeks ago and was so surprised when I read through it, there were no scary bits, so I have two special birthdays next yr and will be adapting this box for them. Thank you for all of the pictures ect, so that average crafters like me can make a beautiful gift/box.
    Ros Hodgkins

  11. Ohh fabulous, thanks so much for sharing xx

  12. I have tons of scrap mat board that I believe would be perfect for these boxes. Can't wait to try it!!!


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