Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rose Leaves - Tutorial

EZ coloring tips: Add pink to your rose leaves for a realistic look! 
Oooh roses are perfect for all kinds of projects!

1. Stamp the image and colour with a green ink.
2. Add pink from the base of each leaf upwards.
3. Die cut the leaf using the co-ordinating die and ink the edges of 
the leaves to create a blended colouring.
4. Shape the leaves from the back,
5. Run your tool over the stems of the leaf so that the leaf lays flat.
6. Have fun making the roses to go with your leaves and easily create beautiful projects for your friends and family!

Happy Crafting! 


  1. Beautiful! Love the color combo. Very pleasing to the eyes. Good color choice.

  2. Thanks fr these tips they are great. What is the stam and die you are using for the roses.


    1. Jan here is a link for you to see the flowers and leaves. Hugs xx


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