Thursday, October 10, 2013

As Promised

Ok, Ok !!! So here we go ......
I did say I would post this pic if I was asked by enough of you !!
So ...... in mind it is nearly Halloween here is 
the pic of me dressed up at my party last year !!
Lol !

Scary !!!
Its funny I hate having my pic taken so there are so few of them.
I have to make a concious effort to have some taken so there 
are some for the girls when they are older !

Phew its been a whirlwind of the last few days, 
no cards made BUT it was my birthday !!
So please forgive me for not posting.
Oh I was so spoilt!
So I thought instead of no posts I would share some pics
with you instead !

I had an amazing lunch at Jamie Olivers on my birthday,
and then SUPER time at the paper show !
Daren't admit how much I spent !!! 
But then its been in the cupboard for ages
cough cough !!
A big girls sweet shop !! lol !
Then a fantastic day out at the Coast.
Fish and chips at Whitby (pic below of me and my girls)
and then ......... my favourite ice cream.
Lemon Top at Scarborough !

And to top of all that my Aunt had me in tears yet again with her pressie!
WOW Thank you !!!
I am such a lucky girl, love you Margaret xxx

Of course I had it unpacked and linked up as soon
as baby went to sleep !!!
Cant wait to get playing.

Remember I have candy, just go and add you name HERE
You don't have to do anything, no posting, nothing just join in !
I will announce the winner on my blog on the 31st October.
Good luck and happy crafting !

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  1. Happy birthday Lizzie, looks like you had a super time :)

    Tanya xx


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