Monday, December 26, 2011

My Xmas baby !!!

Hi there everyone !!!!

Well my little girl finally made an appearance Xmas Eve !!!! Here she is, Isabella Louisa Debrah Gaze, weighed in at 8lb 10z and arrived at 00:49 !!! I always said it was going to be Xmas Eve right from the first moment I knew I was pregnant !!!!

Thank you everyone for the kind cards, gifts emails and good wishes. I so appreciate them. it has really touched me.

I will be back with more soon, we are cooking for the family today !!! 2 days old and we have a house full ! Might as well start as we mean to go on !!
Hugs to all and Merry Xmas !!!


  1. Oooooh!! congratulations!!!! she is just gorgeous! a real xmas cracker!

  2. Its so cute and lovely done. It makes good impression among customers. Your ideas so impressive. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

  3. Many congratulations to you Lizzie, she is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you have had a relaxing as possible Christmas. Hugs, Claire x

  4. Congratulations Lizzie and welcome to Isabella. Carol x

  5. Ooooh, wonderful news!!! Congratulations Lizzie!

  6. Lizzie lizzie lizzie! I am SO excited...YAY...all went well and it is true, you drop the babe and they kick you out of the hospi! She is absolutely beautiful Liz...beyond beautiful...yummalicious! I don't know how you managed to entertain (but nor do I know how you managed to be so active right until the birth. Oh sweet Liz...10 more seconds and the precious babe would drop! It would put times square to absolute shame on New Year's! I am SO happy for you. When I opened the blog, my heart actually jumped...nothing better. Love and a Hug, Samara p.s. Take care of "you"! I remember with my 3 I was numero uno when I was preggos then after they were born it was like "where did everyone go?" Suddenly everyone was with the babe and I was lagging behind in the puddles and ice! lol

  7. hi lizzie
    congratulations whith the new baby
    hugs patricia

  8. congratulations Lizzie she is beautiful lots of hugs to you all xxxx


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