Thursday, May 01, 2014

Envelope Card TUTORIAL

Several people have asked me how I made my Envelope Card
this week for Heartfelt Creation

Heartfelt Creations

So I thought I would do
a quick tutorial. Please bear with me its very picture heavy !

Take a 12" x 12" piece of double sided paper.
This sheet is from the Posy Patch Paper Pad

Fold in half horizontally and open flat.

Fold in half vertically and open flat.
There should now be a cross folded on the paper.

Fold each corner to the centre of the paper.

This is what it looks like when all corners are folded.

Turn the paper over so the triangle flaps are on the back

Now fold in half vertically. Bring the bottom upwards.
Your paper should look like this.

Bring the back flap up and glue the body
of the rectangle of the card together.

Now glue the two flaps together.

Fold the flap over to form the front of the envelope card.

The back looks like this, a pocket.
You can if you wish cut another piece of paper and 
adhere over this or leave it as it is and decorate!

That's basically it, all you need to do now is decorate it !
To add the ribbon adhere in the centre over the back
and up onto the front flap. 

Leave lots of ribbon to tie in a bow at
the base of the card.

As a reminder here is the front of the one I made previously

and here is the back .........

For the inner I used some card fronts from a Heartfelt Creations
paper pad and adhered them onto white card.
That way you can write your message on it.

Have fun making one !
If you want to make the flowers check out my tutorial here.
Happy Crafting !


  1. What a gorgeous envelope!! Great tutorial!!

  2. This looks great Lizzie and I will try it when I get a few minutes. Thanks for sharing. Christine xx

  3. This is a great design...and I am going to make one,....or two...or three! LOL Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, I have you bookmarked and will be trying to make a few.
    Christine x

  5. This is a gorgeous card. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Going to give it a try. Thanks again

  6. Wonderful tutorial! You made it look so easy....maybe I can even do it! Beautiful envelope card!

  7. I've got to try this design. Its beautiful. You are very clever and thank you for sharing. X

  8. Beautiful design. I will have to try this. You are very clever. Thank you for sharing. X

  9. I've got to try this design. Its beautiful. You are very clever and thank you for sharing. X

  10. Wow! What a great idea, really must try this.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    Patricia x


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