Friday, May 31, 2013

Pocket gift card, card!

The Colour Purple, that's the challenge this week at Polka Doodles,
we want to see all your purple projects !!!
I made a card that's a pocket gift card,
under the flap is a little pocket to pop in some money,
a voucher or a store gift card.
I used all papers and images from the CD Sugar Plum Daisy

This week at Polka Doodles its my turn to do a tutorial
so here are the instructions to make my gift card !
Please keep going there are lots of photos, hope fully not too many .....

You will need 
1 x A3 sheet white card
4 x A4 printed sheet and 4 contrasting plain sheets card
Double sided tape,
Edge punch of your choice, ribbon

This is VERY easy to make but please forgive the long "how to" !!

As its difficult to cut A3 sized card I made my card in the following way.
Take the A3 sheet and cut 3" off the shorter side( A4 side).

  From the right hand side (along the A4 side)
Score 2.5" - this will be the flap of the pocket.
From that score line score 5.5"
Fold along both lines so the smaller piece is inside.
You should now have a 5.5" long length of card !
While it is folded. Along the long side cut 5.5"
You should now have a 5.5" square card, with flap for the pocket.
There is enough left to cut another from the folded card.

Take the 3" piece of white card you cut off the A3 sheet
This is going to be the wrap around the card. 
I used a Martha Stewart punch to edge mine.
Now score 4 10/16" from the left and  1.5" from the right.
Take a contrasting colour card and patterned paper.
Cut the card 12 10/16" x 2 2/16"
Cut the paper 12 10/16" x 1 14/16"
so that they layer nicely on the white card.
widths may be different with different use of edge punches.

Cut 4 x 5 1/4" x5 1/4" squares of the contrasting card (mine is purple)
Cut 4 x 5" x 5" sqaures of patterned paper
For the pocket:
Cut 1 x 2 1/4" x 5 1/4" piece of contrasting card
Cut 1 x 2" x 5" piece of patterned paper

Layer up all the pieces and attach the two of the squares to the inside of the card.
Put a thin strip of double sided tape on the inside of the pocket

Stick down the to squares for what will be the front and back of the card 
and the piece for the outside of the pocket.

Fold over the pocket flap and stick into position.

Along the back of the card attach the warp in place.

 Along the back of the card again put a piece of double sided tape

Attach a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the card and tie in a bow.

Turn it all over, fold together, add your money, etc into the pocket
 and tie the ribbon in place.
You can now either leave it as is or embellish the outer more.

Hope you like it !!
Happy crafting.


  1. Brilliant idea, Lizzie! Thanks for sharing.
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts

  2. Great tutorial Lizzie and the finished project is just gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for putting all your tutorials together, makes it so easy to know where to look.
    Ros Hodgkins


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