Saturday, January 19, 2013

Something different!

Well I thought I would share my bauble I made !
I got lots of sequins, glue, ribbon and pins and................
Voila !!

Ahh........ its so good to have my mojo back !!! I'm raring to go !
Loads of ideas plus a trip coming up  to the USA craft shops !!
Motivation enough !!!!

Thanks for all your support through the last months.
 I would never have got through it,
without my wonderful Aunt Margaret and my crafting pals. 


  1. The babuble is gorgeous and looks great on the tree.
    It takes time to get over what you have gone through believe me, and you will still have bad days, I know I do, but life has to go on. xxxxx

  2. The bauble looks gorgeous too !!!!!!

  3. It's gorgeous Lizzie, glad you've got your mojo back. Carol x

  4. Hi Lizzie, a really pretty sparkly bauble there. Just popped by to say hi and welcome to the PD DT.
    Fliss xx

  5. Ain't it grand when the ol' Mojo comes back and does you proud?! Gorgeous creation, Lizzie!


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