Sunday, October 16, 2022

It’s been a while!

Oh my goodness how time flies…. It’s been so much longer than I thought since I last posted on here πŸ™ˆ I’m so sorry! I guess I need to bring you up to speed and then over the next few weeks share some of the things I’ve been doing and making in the last few years! I’ve never stopped crafting. 

This is a project I made shortly after the last one posted! Those diecuts around the edge… they are border dies and create a fabulous illusion of a large decorative die. 

As Marketing director for Heartfelt Creations I’ve had some amazing opportunities over the last several years to meet amazing crafters from all over the world! 😍 

Firsts are always special… my first visit out to the office was just after my last post I think! So here’s some pics! 

This was the first visit I got to go to Novi craft show. Ooh what a great treat to meet everyone and chat and craft! Each time I’ve been it only got better! 😍😍 So many happy memories. 

Seriously…. on that first visit I got to visit an amazing bakery called Rise’n Roll…. Well there have been many visits since over the last few years it’s my favourite bakery but these are pics the first visit ever with Emma Lou. Those donuts…. Holy Moly! They just melt in your mouth. πŸ˜‹ Shh…. I’ve even had their pecan pie posted out to me here in the UK as a gift! It’s that good! 😍 While it’s a 20mins drive from the office it became a go to place to take the team for lunch! 😜

Happy happy memories. Haha I know everyone loves to see the sign and of course I had to have a pic too! 

So now that’s the first post in a long time… I’ll be posting again soon with some more pics of cards and things I’ve got up to in crafting! It’s so good to be back I can’t wait to craft with you again! 

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